Ruty Levy • Oak Park, CA

I was first introduced to clay in college and I was immediately drawn to it; its basic elemental nature, tactile qualities, and the processes involved with creation; I fire my work to about 2,300° then glazing (painting) and firing again around 1,800°. I soon realized the possibilities one can do with clay are endless. Each creation is ‘one of a kind’.

My work starts by having an idea - and I start to form and manipulate the wet clay which is a natural soil material containing clay minerals; simply put, mud. There is always a moment the clay will react to my hands, and not necessarily to my mind, and I am the executor. The clay will hint and suggest a direction - an expression or movement- like the expressive freedom of the body and soul, and I concede to the natural process, flowing with it.

My aim is to make forms that are ‘Functionally beautiful’; Some to use and some to enjoy.  

The more my style refine, the more I notice my interests show through it; yoga, gardening, Social issues, love and relationship.

Contact me directly or visit our Gallery at Ventura Harbor Pottery Gallery;  1567 Spinnaker Dr #105, Ventura, CA 93001

When you buy something from an artist

you’re buying more than an object.

You’re buying hundreds

of hours of errors and experimentation.

You’re buying years of frustration

and moments of pure joy.

You’re not buying just one thing,

you are buying a piece of a heart,

a piece of a soul,

a small piece of someone else’s life.

Thank you